Morningstar Ranked Durig’s FX2 as the Top Performing Fixed Income SMA for 1, 3 & 5 Years

The Morningstar Direct SMA Database recently began tracking the performance of Durig Capital’s FX2 Portfolio, and as of Q1 2018, was ranked first among our peers in Fixed Income by Morningstar in the following major return categories:


  • Trailing 3 Month Return, 5.55%
  • Trailing 6 Month Return, 5.98%
  • Trailing 1 Year Return, 14.29%
  • Trailing 3 Year Return, 13.63%
  • Trailing 5 year Return, 9.2%

                                              Source: Morningstar Direct SMA Database

Durig Capital is honored to introduce to TD Ameritrade Advisors Morningstar’s top performing SMA and the opportunity to work with our FX2 individually segregated bond accounts.  The FX2 Portfolio specializes in converting raw wealth into much higher levels of income, and in turn, increased quality of life for clients.