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FX2 Year-To-Date up 18.10 % – Since Inception FX2 is up 9.71 % – Trailing 1 Yr Return is up 20.69 %


Click to see FX2 most recent performance FX2 Master (Summary) 09_30_2016 to 09_29_2017.pdf


Click to see FX2 most recent benchmark performance CFX2 Master (Summary) 09_26_2016 to 09_25_2017.pdf

FX2 | Fixed Is A High Yielding, Short Term, Low Cost Managed Income Portfolio. Designed to earn you both a higher fixed income and your money returned back!

Fixed-Income 2 | FX2 is a Multi-currency investment utilizing separate segregated accounts, if your looking for US dollar only please review:

Why Fixed-Income 2 | FX2 :

It’s simple: You worked hard to earn your money,  it’s time your fixed income worked as hard as you !

FX2 | Portfolios providing the following chartists:


           Monthly / Quarterly income payouts

           Free only line access to your accounts

           Personal one to one contact with the mangers


We have an outstanding record of returning bond principle since our founding and we believe this is the cornerstone of our success.  When you combine our return of capital success with our absolutely high institutional interest rates, short maturities, outstanding fiduciary service, and our very low fees, this very strong combination makes FX2 an outstanding income generator, this increased cash flow has greatly helped our clients to increasing their standard of living.

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Founded just prior to attack on  9/11- 2001
We learned with our christening, that their is no substitute for hard work!

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  1. Wayne Sweely
    Wayne Sweely says:

    Where and how do I buy Texas fx2 bonds or other municipal bonds from Texas?
    I am Texas and desire to invest in my state.

    Thank you,

    Pastor Wayne

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