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FX2 RIA Services

We are now offering Advisors the opportunity to work with the Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Managed Income Portfolio through individualized, separately managed accounts.  The FX2 Portfolio has provided a much higher level of income and strong historical returns to clients, all at a very low cost, allowing for the flexibility to set your own fee.

FX2 excels in:

  1.  Outstanding Performance – Better than almost all High Yield Mutual Funds in every benchmark and/or maturity.
  2.  Easy to Sell  – Everyone loves more income.
  3.  Very Short Maturities –  Limited Interest Rate Risk.
  4. Low Management Fees – 0.50 basis points – Often giving you a higher payout percentage.
  5.  Co-Branded –  Making it proprietary to you.
  6. Professional Support – We have a dedicated support team for your RIA’s.

We provide superior historical performance in fixed income and variable payout levels so you can spend more time building your business while still attaining the returns your clients and firm require.

If you have any questions and / or want further information about how FX2 can work with your firm please let us know.   We welcome any questions that you might have.


Randy Durig

FX2 Portfolio Manager
(971) 732-5119