FX2 – Great Risk Adjusted Returns – Excess Returns of 9.33% & Over – Alpha of 8.01 & More.

Updated 3-19-2018

FX2 Risk-adjusted returns, bench marked against three well known funds, over the last three years when Mr Durig became the fund manager.

Fx2 benchmarks against several bond funds including several of the top high yield benchmarks.  When considering the Barclay High Yield ETF (our strongest & closest peer), FX2 provides an amazing excess return of 9.33% annually over that of the Barclay High Yield ETF, and for only 10 basis points above their annual management cost.

In a down market, Fx2’s Max Drawdown (with Mr. Durig  at the helm) under-preformed the Barclay High Yield ETF (our strongest & closest peer) by (5.39%), but still provided roughly twice the upside capture ratio of our closest peer.

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