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Targets up to 25% in foreign currencies | Fixed-Income2.com

The FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com portfolio targets up to  25% of our investments, in foreign currencies. FX2 is a high yielding bond portfolio designed to have some diversity away from the dollar, most if not all that diversity is from Canada. Remember foreign currencies might and will increase the volatility in this portfolio, even though the […]

Short 3.75 Year Average Laddered Maturities | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com portfolio is designed to protect our clients against inflation, with a focus on short term, maturity certain bonds. Historically, interest rates move in 30 year cycles. Thus interest rates have been falling for about 30 years until the 4th quarter 2012. Not only did interest rates decline for about 30 years, they […]

High Level of Fiduciary Service | Fixed-Income2.com

 At FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com we are a fiduciary service firm and very proud of it! We put our clients interest first. Our service is excellent, and we are honest, hard working blue collar type workers who understand the needs and concerns of our clients. We will explain in writing the risk and rewards. We believe […]

Low 0.50 % Advisory Fees | Fixed-Income2.com

At FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com we recently spoke to a prospective client, he was being charged a 1.5 % fee, to have his money managed, and the advisory/broker had put him in many income mutual funds, each with an additional 1% additional fee. Thus this prospective clients fees were over 2.5% before the trading and other […]

Return of Principle is Important | Fixed-Income2.com

 FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com, From day 1 this FX2 portfolio is designed to protect and return our clients principle. As with any investment there are no guarantees, however our track records speaks for itself. We have installed a strategy that has worked extremely well in some of the most difficult markets we have ever seen, we buy high yielding […]

Internal Research, see our Opinions | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com has found that the big name ratings services offer a biased opinion, because they are getting paid by the same company that they’re issuing the debt ratings for. They evaluate thousands of companies and bonds, and this requires the bond rating agency to make many categories, and excessive rules and procedures. Worst […]

Global Coverage | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com portfolio has a process of selecting bonds from all over the world. We work with many of the leading bond firms in the US and Switzerland (We believe many Swiss banks are better in Global coverage than US based banks.) to filter through a wide bond selection process, so that we can […]

Economy – Tough Times | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com portfolio has a very short, maturity certain duration and  strategic company placement. The portfolio selection is designed to adhere even during very tough times. With the US economy showing real erosion over time, the US politicians are doing virtually nothing to solve the real and tough issues in the Untied States. Plus […]