FX2 has Achieved Morningstar’s Top Rankings for its High Yield Fixed Income SMA


FX2 Is A High Yielding, Short Term, Low-Cost Managed Income Portfolio Strategy.  Specifically designed to earn you higher levels of income in a rising interest rate environment!

FX2 Has been Rated 1st by Morningtar  in Trailing 1, 3 & 5 Year “High Yield Fixed income” Return Periods (Q1, Q2, Q3, 2018).

FX2 Has been Rated 1st by Morningtar  in Trailing 3 & 5 Year “High Yield Fixed income” Return Periods. (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, 2018).

FX2 Has been Rated 1st by Morningstar during historic “Interest Rates Spikes.”

FX2 Has been Rated 1st by Informa in Trailing 1, 2, 3, 5 Year Return Periods as well as Return Since Inception for “Short Term Fixed Income” (Q3, 2018).

At Durig Fixed Income, we are dedicated to putting our client’s interest first, and part of our duty is to find the industry’s best third-party custodians to hold our client’s assets.These fiduciary “best practices” reduce conflicts of interest. Each custodian has reviewed Durig Fixed Income before allowing us to utilize their successful business and we are constantly reviewing them, asking them openly to compete for our business. This extra level of review greatly ensures that every client receives a higher level of care. We have selected and established relationships with what we believe to be the best in class custodian services, and currently work with  TD Ameritrade. With a pre-existing account with any of these firms, we can become an Adviser with very little additional paperwork.


Durig’s FX2 SMA Ranked 1st by Informa

Ranked 1st in Trailing 2 Year Return, (Q3, Q4 2018) Ranked…

Durig’s FX2 SMA Ranked 1st by Morningstar

Morningstar ranked Durig’s FX2 Portfolio 1st in Trailing…

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