Fixed Income 2 - By Durig Capital

Targets up to 25% in foreign currencies |

The FX2 | portfolio targets up to  25% of our investments, in foreign currencies. FX2 is a high yielding bond portfolio designed to have some diversity away from the dollar, most if not all that diversity is from Canada.

Remember foreign currencies might and will increase the volatility in this portfolio, even though the added diversity could overtime reduce your overall portfolio risks. Many foreign currency bonds have very limited liquidity and the plan is to holding these very short term bonds to maturity. High yield, short maturities, with a very low fee, so our clients can continue to achieve their goals of higher cash flow while limiting their exposure to the US Dollar.

It’s simple: You worked hard to earn your money,  it’s time your income worked as hard to support you!

FX2 is 25, 50, or 75% in foreign currencies that you select, this is different from FX1 .

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