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Internal Research, see our Opinions | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com has found that the big name ratings services offer a biased opinion, because they are getting paid by the same company that they’re issuing the debt ratings for. They evaluate thousands of companies and bonds, and this requires the bond rating agency to make many categories, and excessive rules and procedures. Worst […]

Global Coverage | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com portfolio has a process of selecting bonds from all over the world. We work with many of the leading bond firms in the US and Switzerland (We believe many Swiss banks are better in Global coverage than US based banks.) to filter through a wide bond selection process, so that we can […]

Economy – Tough Times | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com portfolio has a very short, maturity certain duration and  strategic company placement. The portfolio selection is designed to adhere even during very tough times. With the US economy showing real erosion over time, the US politicians are doing virtually nothing to solve the real and tough issues in the Untied States. Plus […]

Why FX2 ?

It’s simple: You worked hard to earn your money,  it’s time your fixed income worked as hard as you! FX2 | Portfolios providing the following chartists: High 7 – 8.5% yields Multi-Currency has  Limited Liquidity Short 3.75 Year Average Laddered Maturities Return Of Principle is Important Increase Your Standard of Living, High Cash Flow from […]