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Durig Capital FX2 November Performance

For many years, we have been publishing our FX2 high-yield bond ideas on Bond-Yields.com as they were added to our FX2 client portfolios.  The relatively standard benchmarks shown below are compared to the Year-to-Date (YTD),Trailing 1 year, Trailing 3 year and Trailing 5 year returns provided by the High-Yield Bond Mutual Fund database provided by […]

FX2 Year-To-Date up 18.10 % – Since Inception FX2 is up 9.71 % – Trailing 1 Yr Return is up 20.69 %

Click to see FX2 most recent performance FX2 Master (Summary) 09_30_2016 to 09_29_2017.pdf Click to see FX2 most recent benchmark performance CFX2 Master (Summary) 09_26_2016 to 09_25_2017.pdf FX2 | Fixed Income2.com Is A High Yielding, Short Term, Low Cost Managed Income Portfolio. Designed to earn you both a higher fixed income and your money returned […]

View our FX2 Slide Deck FX2 Slide Deck Our most recent Fixed-Income2.com bond portfolio additions and reviews [feedlist listurl =”http://bond-yields.com/c/yield-rate-list-price-quote/fixed-income-2-bonds/feed/” limit=7]

High 7 – 8.5% Yields | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com targets an 8 – 8.5% yield with our 3+ average maturity that is far better than the current 0.90% range that the three year government bonds are currently paying.  That works out to about an 800% increase in fixed income, by switching to our services. Based on the above treasury yield, if […]

Higher Institutional Yields, and Diversified Portfolio’s | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com is able to access the much higher yielding global institution bonds. Whether this is because of our outstanding reputation or high internet presence, or because we often have major US and World bond firms contact us wanting our services and business isn’t clear. However it does put us in the enviable position […]

Targets up to 25% in foreign currencies | Fixed-Income2.com

The FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com portfolio targets up to  25% of our investments, in foreign currencies. FX2 is a high yielding bond portfolio designed to have some diversity away from the dollar, most if not all that diversity is from Canada. Remember foreign currencies might and will increase the volatility in this portfolio, even though the […]

Short 3.75 Year Average Laddered Maturities | Fixed-Income2.com

FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com portfolio is designed to protect our clients against inflation, with a focus on short term, maturity certain bonds. Historically, interest rates move in 30 year cycles. Thus interest rates have been falling for about 30 years until the 4th quarter 2012. Not only did interest rates decline for about 30 years, they […]

High Level of Fiduciary Service | Fixed-Income2.com

 At FX2 | Fixed-Income2.com we are a fiduciary service firm and very proud of it! We put our clients interest first. Our service is excellent, and we are honest, hard working blue collar type workers who understand the needs and concerns of our clients. We will explain in writing the risk and rewards. We believe […]